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To book a session or just ask me a question please get in touch.
Form: Client Contact Form – Phone: +44 7754877548


The most important thing with any therapy is one’s ability to relax, so I prefer to offer a home visit service. You can have a friend or family member present for the duration if you wish, they can be close by instead of in the session to maintain any privacy you require.

Number of Sessions.

The number of sessions required varies for different individuals and is usually between one and five. Each session lasts approximately one hour with the first session taking a little longer due to paperwork and initial questions and a quick overview of the therapy in use.

Stopping Smoking and Weight Loss usually require up to three sessions while managing Anxiety may need up to five sessions.


Please contact me to speak about your needs and we will arrange a treatment plan and prices.


Please give me 24 hours notice of cancellation. Otherwise a cancellation fee of 25% of your treatment plan will be charged.

Skype Consultations.

Consultations by Skype are also available. Please contact me on one of the above methods for details.